Do you face the issues of getting pregnant? Would you like to have a baby, all the medical results are all right, but still - no success? I will check the possible issues that could prevent you from getting pregnant and add a couple of tricks on how to unblock negative energy. I look for the solution within the cards, where I see the blocks, chakras, possible health and mental deficiencies, or whether the baby is written in your fate ... I guarantee effectiveness if you meet all the conditions :)

I will advise you on how to call the baby with energies and how to harmonize yourself to be able to conceive. The personal fortune-telling starts with writing down your name, the date of birth of you and your partner. I will clean all the cards using the new tea candle and after a close connection, I start with the divination.

For divination, I use

1. Gypsy cards where we look at the blockage, where is an obstacle and how to deal with it

2. We have a look if you can have children (you and your partner as well)

3. We will check the chakra blockings + you get an e-book about chakras for free. 4. A look at the health card, what else needs to be improved, and you will also get a mantra to help you to recover and be healthy.

5. We will divine the problem from the oracle cards.

6. I will also ask the advice of the Virgin Mary and translate it to you.

7. We will check the reasons for the issues in partnership and their solution from the Egyptian tarot

8. I will also show you the general advice of angels, what to change

9. In case of extreme blockage, I also have a look at the tarot card, or if you have a health problem, see the reason in the handbook (write it down)

10. I'll look at your three specific questions;

I will create a protective bracelet of semi-precious stones, recharged with prayer and the energy of the sun, crystals, earth and water. Furthermore, on Sunday, I will do a special ritual connected with a prayer to the Virgin Mary, which will give you extra strength. Another bonus is the coloring mandalas of your choice. I guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Should you need more information, feel free to ask. I'm at your service;)

200.00 €