IDo you have problems in your relationship? Do you argue often and ask yourself if you should carry on or not with the relationship? Is the love disappearing from your relationship or do you feel your partner loves you less than you love him/her?

I offer you a solution!

We will unblock everything and we will find out what to do next. You will be given advice on how to bring back lost respect, love and understanding and then we wil proceed with the reading. Special fortune reading requires that I write down your name, your date of birth and your three specific questions. I will clean all the cards above a new tealight and after I make a close connection with you, I will proceed to the interpretation.

For the fortune reading I use:

1.Gypsy fortune telling cards where I check your relationship, what your partner feels towards you, your feelings and how you should carry on

2. What the obstacle is in the relationship and how to solve it

3. We will also check the egyptian tarot reading, where we will find the the hidden cause of the problem, you will be given a mantra along with some questions. When you answer them, your situation will radically improve within three months

4. We will do a fortune reading of the problem from the oracle cards

5. We will check from the tarot cards the causes of the problem and the ways to move forward

6. I will ask the angels for advice and I will pass on their message to you - what you should do

7. I will also check the general advice of the angels, what you should change

8. I will also ask for the advice from the Virgin Mary, which I will then translate to you

9. In case you are interested, I will check if there is someone else for you in your destiny (this is free of charge and only on request).

I will also make you a protective bracelet of semi-precious stones, which I will recharge with a prayer and with the energy of the sun, crystals, earth and water. Furthermore, I will perform a special ritual on Sunday with a prayer to the Virgin Mary, which will give you strength and you will be able to see a clear solution within one month.

Another bonus are colouring mandalas of your choice. I guarantee 100% confidentiality . Please write your first name, date of birth and your three specific questions in the message.

200.00 €