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Guardian Angel

For everyone adding me as a friend on Facebook, I have a little surprise. Receive your free guardian angel accompanying you since your birth!

To send it I would need:

1. Add me as a friend on Facebook

2. Please send me your date of birth into the message 

E-book for free

I have prepared for you e-book, download it for free!

After downloading the e-book, you automatically agree to the processing of personal data (e-mails) to receive a regular newsletter (you can cancel your subscription at any time;)

If you have a specific health issue, I would like to check it in the psychosomatic guide for interpretation. Sometimes emotions are those to be the main cause, and even a doctor can't help to solve it.

Prayer for free

Every Sunday, approx. at 5 pm, I visit the chapel of the Virgin Mary to pray and light a white candle.

If you have a request, feel free to contact me and I will pray for you as well. You can always sign up after the previous prayer at 8 pm on Sunday through Facebook or drop me an e-mail.