Would you like to know who you were in the past life? Would you like to know what life you have led to understand and adapt your karmic journey on this Earth? Would you like to be prepared and not to repeat karmic mistakes in the present? All this and even more I will be happy to explain in this fortune reading.

In this fortune reading we will look at:

1.Interpretation of the past and the past lives from the tarot cards

2. Complex interpretation of the past using the gypsy cards

3. Fortune reading about what you have to watch out for and what you need to understand in the present life

4. We will check the financial and work karma from the past - what you used to do and where you are headed

5. We will check the love karma from the past - what you used to do and where you are headed

6. Fortune reading from the egyptian love tarot reveals past blocks and the mantra, along with the questions, will help you overcome them to reach a loving partnership

7. Health karma, where we will check genetic disorders and what you need to be aware of at the present

8. We will check the blocked chakras and you will be able to download a free e-book

9. The advice of the angels what to do in the present 10.Your meaning of life, your past and present talents

11. The bonus is the answer to one question you want to ask the cards.

I will also make you a protective bracelet of semi-precious stones, which I will recharge with a prayer and with the energy of the sun, crystals, earth and water. Furthermore, I will perform a special ritual on Sunday with a prayer to the Virgin Mary, which will give you strength and it will clean your karmic blocking. Another bonus are colouring mandalas of your choice. I guarantee 100% confidentiality . Fortune reading is done via email because I need more time for it + I have to do a special ritual. If you need to clarify something, I am here for you ;)

150.00 €