Divination coaching

Make your dreams come true and find guidance in your life.

Everyone sometimes gets into a difficult time when the soul does not know what to do. However, this period can be well managed if there is a person you can rely on that will guide you as your inner self would want. Our relatives face the disadvantage that you always get their inner view of the issue; they can't say what is right for you without emotional involvement. Therefore, a suitable person may be a priest, psychologist or even a coach. People that do not believe, or people who have a problem that the Church would consider as inappropriate, often do not want to visit psychologists where there would be a record of this visit of a psychologist or the issue is not so big. The coach comes with the advantage of customizing the sessions as per your own needs. He finds the ideal path in your life in cooperation with you to make you happy.

Divination coaching is a type of coaching in which a fortune teller helps a client find connections in his life and thereby motivate him to achieve what he wants. This method uses fortune telling cards, which may be gypsy, tarot, angelic or oracle. Compared to the standard divination, this way uses divination tools and also the fortune teller works as an independent coach that is involved even after the divination has been completed. Coaching is a method in which one person (coach) asks questions and advises you how to find your way to solving an issue.

During divination coaching, I will first explain the monthly energy, what you should be careful about, what is suitable to solve and answer your questions, no need for you to find the answers internally.

Advantages of divination coaching:

1. You control the intensity, so you tell how many sessions you want

2. 100% confidentiality / no judgment

3. Help can be found in the cards and their ancient helping role

4. You get tasks for each month you choose that if completed, things get better

5. Every month you know where you stand and therefore can adapt to the conditions

6. Time-saving

7. Cost-saving

8. Energy saving

9. Mental and energetic cleansing

10. Powerful support (exactly as you practice with a fitness trainer)

11 fulfillment of your resolutions

How does divine coaching look like?

1. In the beginning, you receive a form where you write down1 thing you would like to change and improve during the year.

2. Then we have a look at

• Your love from gypsy cards

• Divination from the Egyptian Tarot, along with the mantra and questions about what to improve

• Divination from angelic love cards, what to focus on • Your health from gypsy cards

• Divination from health cards, along with a mantra what to improve

• Chakra divination and blocking

• Your finances and job from gypsy cards

• We divine a message from oracle cards • I'll also share with you general advice of angels what to change

+ Besides, you will be able to consult 1x15 minutes by phone precisely what you would need.

+ You automatically receive a 30% discount on all services and hand made products from www.pravavestba.sk for yourself but also for your beloved ones.

Email me please your first name, date of birth and three questions you would like to have answered.

As soon as I receive the payment, I will contact you and confirm the divination date. Please do not take it as a mistrust, but I usually work only after payment has been credited / possibly recommend to try portal jaspravim.sk where I also advertise my services under the nickname https://www.jaspravim.sk/profil/pravavestba.

Payment through Paypal possible.

Should you have more questions, please, ask anytime.

I am at your service ;)

Yours Domi - Pravá veštba

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