Great divination of your 2020

It's 2020 already, so I prepared new divination from gypsy, tarot and oracle cards delivered into your e-mail. Divination starts with writing down your name, date of birth and your 3 specific questions. I will clean all the cards above the new tea candle and after setting up the connection with you, I start to divine.

I will have a look at what 2020 brings for you, what to avoid and what to expect each month. Be prepared in advance and avoid all confusion and unexpected situations.

What to expect from the divination?

• Divination of the past, what has influenced you the most and has influence on you even today, from gypsy cards

• Divination of the present, what to expect now, from gypsy cards

• Divination of the future, what to expect in 6 months from now on, from gypsy cards

• what angels advise you about love

• Egyptian Tarot of Love (repetitive mistakes you make in relationships, questions to have answered for karmic purification and mantra to change particular things)

• divination on health (what influenced you in the past, what to expect now and what to expect in the future)

• a comprehensive view of the chakras (the ones to rebalance + e-book how to unblock them)

• in case of specific problems I will look at their psychological cause (it is necessary to describe in advance the pain of a particular part) if not, I will check the tarot card for your health

• divination on work and finance (what influenced you in the past, what to expect now and what to expect in the future)

• a comprehensive view of your financial situation from tarot cards

• In addition to these analyses, I will also find the answers to your 3 specific questions from the cards.

With divination, I make the picture of the cards and then analyze them into a pdf form. You can see that you have been divined and you have detailed your answer to the question, as well as what the particular cards symbolize.

As a gift, I send a protective hematite bracelet. For men with a cross, for ladies with a heart. Another bonus is the coloring mandalas of your choice. I guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Email me please your first name, date of birth and three questions you would like to have answered.

Bank account:

Into your message, add an email (where I will confirm the agreed date) so I know who sends the payment.

As soon as I receive the payment, I will contact you and confirm the divination date. Please do not take it as a mistrust, but I usually work only after payment has been credited / possibly recommend to try portal where I also advertise my services under the nickname

Payment through Paypal possible.

Should you have more questions, please, ask anytime.

I am at your service ;)

Yours Domi - Pravá veštba

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