Numerology-astrological interpretation + I check one of your questions in the cards

If you enjoy peace and reading, I recommend this interpretation + fortune reading for one specific question.

The process of fortune reading requires that I write down your name, your date of birth and your one specific question.

Numerology-astrological interpretation includes:

1.The analysis of you based on your date of birth

2.Your hidden you

3.Work and talent

4.Famous people born on the same day as you

5.Numerology of your day of birth

6.Numerology of your name

7.Love and personal relationships based on your date of birth

8.Love and friendship, the kind of people you should be meeting

9.Hidden number (what you should learn and not repeat from the past lives)

10.Destiny number (your talent and abilities).

When fortune telling, I take photos of the fortune telling cards for a specific question and then ananlyze them to pdf format. You can see that fortune reading has been done and you also have a detailed answer to your question, as well as what the tarot cards represent. Another bonus is the mandala for coloring in pdf format. I guarantee 100% confidentiality . Please write your first name, date of birth and your question in the message.

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60.00 €