E-mail divinations

If you like quiet moments and reading, I recommend this annual divination delivered to your email. Divination is done by writing down your name, date of birth and your specific questions. I will clean all the cards using the new tea candle and after a connection to you, I will start to divine.

Complex divination maps more. If you would like to know the details of these future divinations and free dates to book them, please send me a message.

Complex divination for all the spheres of life

Divination on love + 3 questions

Divination on finance + 3 questions

Divination on health + 3 questions

Email divination - 1 question

With divination, I make the picture of the cards and then analyze them into a pdf form. You can see that you have been divined and you have detailed your answer to the question, as well as what the particular cards symbolize.

As a gift, I send a protective hematite bracelet. For men with a cross, for ladies with a heart. Another bonus is the coloring mandalas of your choice. I guarantee 100% confidentiality.

Email me please your first name, date of birth and three questions you would like to have answered.

As soon as I receive the payment, I will contact you and confirm the divination date. Please do not take it as a mistrust, but I usually work only after payment has been credited / possibly recommend to try portal jaspravim.sk where I also advertise my services under the nickname https://www.jaspravim.sk/profil/pravavestba.

Payment through Paypal possible.

Should you have more questions, please, ask anytime.

I am at your service ;)

Yours Domi - Pravá veštba

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