What do the angels want to tell you?

Do you often see the same numbers? Do you hear the same song everytime you switch on the radio? Do you keep having surprising dreams? Can you see strange symbols, things or energies that you do not know?Would you like to know, what it all means? I will be happy to look at it and we will find out what the angels want to tell you and what you should avoid. Special fortune reading requires that I write down your name, your date of birth and your three specific questions concerning the angels. I will clean all the cards above a new tealight and after I make a close connection with you, I will proceed to the interpretation.

For the fortune reading I use:

1. Gypsy fortune telling cards where I check the cause of the problem and I will answer your three specific questions

2. If you see numbers, hear noises or you had a specific dream, I will analyse it in detail and clarify.

3. We will read a message from the oracle cards

4. I will ask in your name for the help from the angels of love and I will pass on their message to you, what you should do

5. I will also check the general advice of the angels, what you should change

6. I will also ask the Virgin Mary for advice, which I will then translate to you

7. At the end I will check the general card from the angels For the fortune reading you will be given a protective bracelet made of hematite heart, for men there is a hematite cross. Another bonus are colouring mandalas of your choice. Fortune reading is done via email because I need more time for it + I have to do a special ritual. If you need to clarify something, I am here for you ;)

28.00 €